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congresswoman gabrielle giffords, mark kelly, will testify. that will be at 10:00. on c-span 2, republican senator john mccain and democratic senator chuck schumer and will talk with mike allen about by party efforts to change the nation's immigration laws. on c-span 3, a discussion on automobile fuel efficiency live from the national journal at 8:30 eastern. in 45 minutes, former commerce secretary will discuss emigration policy. he is co-founder of republicans for immigration reform. the an author and new york times columnist paul krugman will talk about the economy and later,
reform efforts. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who was shot in had a constituent event two years ago, testified before the senate judiciary committee on preventing future gun violence. her husband, mark kelly, an nra ceo wayne lapierre also testified. this hearing is just under four hours. [no audio] >> we have more than 200 people here today and hundreds more watching on our committee web cast. i expect everybody in this room to be respectful of the senators and the witnesses speaking about this very serious subject. i do not want applause for or against any position. the capitol police have been notified to remove any audience interference in an effort to have orderly conduct for that. that is a warning i give the many hearings. we will hear a lot of perspective on gun violence. i will give opening statements. but we have a former member of congress here, gaby giffords who will give a brief message and believed and captain kelly, thank you for your help in bringing your wife here. ms. giffords - >> ok. thank you for inviting me here today. this is an important convers
kirsten gillibrand discusses bipartisan safety legislation. later, former representative gabrielle giffords on gun violence. >> on thursday, a hearing on u.s. workers and retirement savings. live coverage from the senate health education and labor and pynchon's committee. that is live thursday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> we are the best country in the world. what a marvelously stupid thing to say. of all the countries in the world, pretty good. what we have to believe that we are the best? what does that mean? and once we have to assert it all of this time? what does it mean to other people? american products go around the world, so you are observed by people in every corner of the world. and we teach them not to like us. gratuitously. >> randall robinson, taking your calls, e-mail, facebook comments, and tweets. sunday at noon eastern on book tv on c-span2. >> president obama is set to deliver the state of the union. a discussion on how foreign policy and national security issues will be handled in the president's second term. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> good after
shooting, and gabrielle giffords will testify. watch live coverage from the senate judiciary committee at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> now george washington university hosts a role playing exercise on a hypothetical economic cry sick. former uniteded a ambassador to the u.s. and bill richardson. fred is the moderator. [applause] >> and hello from the george washington university. welcome. i'm frank sesno. and you are in political theater on center stage. on a time of american crisis. facethe is a project of george washington university is something that we put facts out each day. our amazing panelists are going to help us this evening. in this 90 minutes ahead, we will ask a very basic but important question -- can we americans still do great things? i know you all want to nod your head yes. and i know you all agree. but it is a tougher question than it seems. we have the help of an amazing panel from government business and media. we're asking them to play roles here tonight. and to deal with a fictional scenario that may seem all too real to you and to them it presents dilemmas a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4